Information for New Dancers

Contra dance: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Excellent article describing Contra and its origins from Wikipedia
The Top Ten (plus) Things That Make a Good (Contra) Dancer
Tips from the Urbana Country Dancers in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
"What Was That Step?" A Guide for New Contra Dancers
From Two Dog Waltz. This is a PDF file.
Contraculture: An Introduction to Contradancing
by Steven Nagy of the Hamilton Country Dancers
The Contra Dance Tradition by Mary McNab Dart

Instructional Videos

Contra Dance Basics for Beginning Dancers
From The Chattahoochee Country Dancers. Funded in part by CDSS.
This is the first in a series of instructional videos for new contra dancers.

Dancing Contras
An introduction to Contra Dancing. This is a 10 minute clip from a 30 minute DVD teaching contra dance basics. From

Informational Video

Promotional Infomercial on Contra Dancing
The video is aimed at getting 20 and 30'somethings into Contra dancing.

Part 1 (of 7)... What contra looks like. (Video by mightyhappy.)